1. gecko сказано:

    Cheers for this is, really sMOOOth… Sorry i couldn’t help myself

  2. Ben сказано:

    (gecko -lol!)

    Love your style, your logos are very nice. I happened across this site while looking for some inspiration.
    Do you accept logos from freelance web designers like me?

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  4. arash сказано:

    thank u very much
    this year is the cow year

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    Nice logo.. thanks..

  7. fallen ray сказано:

    Clean and sharp design.
    Nice site and logos there :)

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    very good design

  9. mehmet сказано:

    Nice site and logos there.
    Perfect dizayn.

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    It’s very nice design..Welldone..=)

  11. Apaydn сказано:

    haha very nice :D

  12. Sinan сказано:

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  13. hafisdn сказано:

    too cute..how to create? any suggestion?

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    Not just great logos, but a beautiful site also. I came here through CrazyLeaf looking for some inspiration and your site stands out in comparison to the best I saw there. Keep up the great work.

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  19. John Frank сказано:

    Very nice and cute cow logo i really like this thanks for this post

  20. Rusty from Birthday Gifts сказано:

    I love your ‘logo instant’ logo first of all. The cow idea for this logo is brilliant. There are lots of adverts with cows in them now, like the new ice cream one – cows do seem to have general appeal. Great design to choose!

  21. hehai сказано:

    yeah.i love it.