1. Selfer сказано:

    It was interesting^^ Happy New Year!

  2. BeeBiBee сказано:

    BeeBiBee :-)

  3. eargang сказано:

    I’m sort of disappointed. I assumed the logotype would refer to two bees that like both dudes and chicks.

    I have to say though, now that I’ve started at it for a few minutes there is a bit of a ve jay jay in that image. GOOD JOB!

  4. sriganesh сказано:

    i will sure put your link in my site to support you. now i can help you only by spreading words. great work.

  5. h2o сказано:

    Great job!

    I like it very much!

  6. T-Law сказано:

    Awesome, thanks :)

  7. MARSELO STILBEN сказано:

    I like it very much!

  8. James сказано:

    I realy like your design, Awesome.

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