1. matt сказано:


  2. Orjinal Delikanlı сказано:

    Tam bana göre bir tane.

  3. topan сказано:

    My first download..

  4. David сказано:

    Good job!

  5. Jordano Santos Cerqueira сказано:

    very cool

  6. Daniel сказано:

    I hate people like you! How can you create something so nice with 3 colors, a shape and a gradient!

    Seriously though, I love all your logos, so simple and elegant, thanks for this site!

  7. Ronit сказано:

    iTz Legendary !!!

    Awesome !!

  8. ToM сказано:

    go on dailymotion and look my video !!!!!!!! : RedJacK (i am french =DDD)

  9. Yılmaz Barış сказано:

    Güzel olmuş..

  10. mehrdad batvani сказано:

    very very good

  11. topan сказано:

    [...] … mas topan gimana ya kalau mendownload internet download managar dia minta nomor seri …Red Jack | Logo InstantИсходник включен : Photoshop … Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website. All [...]

  12. eja.com сказано:

    nice logos! hope create more logos in violet colour. more people like that colour as well..,