1. noe сказано:

    very good, there are intelligent, bye.

  2. idur сказано:

    nice, simple but so strong ..

  3. Damian сказано:

    nice logo

  4. Alan сказано:

    Sure to be popular with the recent green push.

  5. ロゴデザイン at Kopitiam 2.0 сказано:

    [...] なんとなくデザインをいじってみたく探していたら、こんなのがあったので、ロゴにしてみた。 [...]

  6. Jordano Santos Cerqueira сказано:


  7. new new сказано:

    Very cool. I especially like the use of a plant and a cloud, an interesting solution.

  8. emoracket сказано:

    thanks for updating excellent logos :D

  9. Matthew Abraham сказано:

    I like the colours. The cloud is not really doing it for me it lacks realistic qualities … it looks more like soap bubbles. Also, the placement of the tree is a little weird for me, think there is too much negative space on the right of the tree.
    This is why my friends call me anti. Sorry.

  10. noone сказано:

    Looks great!

  11. çelik kapı сказано:

    simple and nice logo

  12. tim gray сказано:

    The source file is broken. I cant open the ai file for the tree.

  13. idur сказано:

    [...] iatk, idur, irel. kvibenv linseg 0, ivibdel, 1, idur-ivibdel, .3. klfo oscil kvibenv*imoddpt, …PlantCloud | Logo InstantИсходник включен : Photoshop Illustrator (.ai) … Name (required) Mail (will not be published) [...]

  14. Pierre сказано:


    Black color for tree and bottom can be improved.

    white cloud can be taken off.