1. Rich сказано:

    Like it – clean, simple and colourful!

  2. mark сказано:

    one of my favorite!

  3. Bhavesh Thaker сказано:

    Nice one, wanted !!!

  4. fabz сказано:

    very cool one!

  5. Thomas сказано:

    Love it! Seems very versatile to me.

  6. Numair сказано:

    great logo

    when will u guys add more logos?

  7. Micromiga сказано:

    Very elegant logo!

  8. ibodnmz сказано:

    very good logo

  9. DecoCards сказано:

    Very cool, great design! Reminds me of folded paper.

  10. marselo bernardino stilben de souza сказано:

    Awesome!! Really like this! Thanks!
    Are you sure it’s free? :

  11. Toto сказано:

    Très joli logo avec de belles couleurs !

  12. paper banner сказано:

    [...] kids Halloween Costumes Buy & carve pumpkins Decorate front entry for Halloween Buy OctoberDiagBlock Diagonal Block | Logo InstantИсходник включен : Photoshop … Reminds me of folded paper. Give a comment. Name (required) Mail [...]

  13. Vasya сказано:


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  14. Ybliss сказано:

    How do I know it´ll not be adopted by someone else?

  15. anon сказано:

    Sorry, I already adopted it..