1. Illi.Pro сказано:

    The file zipped is bad.. when i decompress it show me an error

  2. brookfieldplayhouse сказано:

    It has been fixed. Please redownload the file

  3. JoelRThomas сказано:

    I love your guy’s designs, they are terrific. Any chance of a Book Store logo in the works?

  4. brookfieldplayhouse сказано:

    check back again tomorrow. you will see one here :D

  5. Jordano Santos Cerqueira сказано:

    Muito bom!!!

  6. Moondoggie сказано:

    Can you edit the logos?

  7. Nur сказано:

    hellow i need a LOGO o couldnt do it the name would be DULCE BENDIICON